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What Is DreamHost?  

dhThere are a lot of web hosting companies that offers different features and services. But there are only few who offers great domain name services, one of it is Dreamhost. The company started in 1996, founded by four college friends namely Sage Weil, Michael Rodriguez, Dallas Bethune and Josh Jones.

These four young men did not finish college, but because of their sincere love in technology, they decided to start up their own hosting business. One of things that they want to achieve is to provide the best hosting services to their clients.

Today, they are running over 2 million websites and applications all over the world. Dreamhost also offers other services such as web designing, content creating and web developing services. Again, they are very proud to announce that they are conquering and hosting millions of sites worldwide. They are one step away in reaching their goal and that is to be part of the top most wanted hosting provider in the hosting industry.

Company’s Achievements

Over the last few years, the company is consistent in receiving plaque of appreciation and awards. This goes to show that the company is really doing their best to satisfy the hosting needs of their clients.

Here are some of the company’s greatest awards:

2005 – awarded as the 7th Fastest Growing Company

2006 – awarded as the 7th Best Web Hosting Company

From 2011 until present – awarded as the best and affordable web hosting company.

The services of dreamhost is definitely perfect for people who need the best hosting support in their blog sites and business owned sites. The company is competent enough to provide reliable uptime speed, fast service and affordable plans. Moreover, the company offers a lot of dreamhost coupons to help you save money while enjoying the service. For more information about coupons, watch the video below:


In general, Dreamhost is one of the most reliable and consistent hosting companies in the market. They are always consistent with their claims that they want to give the best hosting solutions to all the needs of their clients.


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