My Brief Digital Ocean Review

1Generally, there were already hundreds of Digital Ocean reviews available online. Most of these reviews have similar views such as debating about features and services. Those details are still significant for consumers who are still searching for the best web hosting service.

In this review, we will not only talk about their features and services. We will also talk about other significant things such as their popular service and dedicated products.

That’s also the main reason why I decided to write a thorough review about them. I want to help those individuals who want to have the best hosting experience. It is still best to read feedbacks from an existing Digital Ocean client.

Quick Overview about Digital Ocean Hosting Company

Digital Ocean was founded by by Ben and Moisey Uretsky and after a while Jeff Carr, Mitch Wainer joined the team. Their goal is to deliver the best web hosting services to their clients. Since then, they are known to be the world’s largest hosting providers.

General Service

Four years ago, Digital Ocean, along with other developing web hosting companies, introduced a new hosting feature to all of their customers, that service is called: “SSD-Only Cloud”

According to them, “we have have created the fastest and most convenient cloud technology to help you easily and more efficiently manage your infrastructure so you can get back to coding. We provide all of our users with high-performance SSD Hard Drives, a flexible API, and the ability to select the nearest data center location.”

55 Second Provisioning

Their cloud servers are provisioned in as fast as 55 seconds. The client’s website is always online and bleeping fast.

SSD Hard Drives

SSD hard drives will improve the performance of their client’s website intensely.

Tier-1 Bandwidth

All servers come with 1 GB per second network interface.

KVM Virtualization

Their KVM virtualized droplets are intended to address a very high level of protection and performance.

Simple Control Panel

It focuses on usability, reshuffling the difficulties of traditional web-hosting.


Digital Ocean is still new to the web hosting industry. However, they already proved that they are worthy to be part of the leading web hosting providers.  If you really want to know more about Digital Ocean hosting, you can just visit their website directly. But if you want to avail their huge discounts on their web hosting services, you need to find the best digital promo codes 2015.

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