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Magnify It- Cast Your Vote!

If you’re a Second Life or machinima video maker, you want to know that you can find an audience-, is an unofficial fan site that provides a platform to aggregate your work.

If you’re a vid head, a video searcher or researcher, a machinima fan, or interested in studying the economics, activities, and actions inside the Net’s most popular metaverses- this is your stop.

Want to stop in for a taste of Second Life without having to go through piles of non relevant Second Life (Linden Labs) video clips?

Are you interested in other metaverses and avatar based realities like IMVU,, etc to get a comparison view? We have a huge selection here!

You can also, and are encouraged to, participate too by using the Magnify technology to turn the power of your peers into a critical mass and raise fandom and awareness of Second Life and other metaverses to new heights. Join and be a part of the video and alternate reality revolution!

Your participation can make web video matter…you make Second Life videos matter! Jump right in set up a free account and review what you find interesting- or not so interesting. You can review, rate by using the Magnify sliders, add relevant tags so others can find information or grab a widget to place on your site.

No experience needed, just give the world of these new worlds your opinion!