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If you’re a Second Life or machinima video maker, you want to know that you can find an audience-, is an unofficial fan site that provides a platform to aggregate your work.

If you’re a vid head, a video searcher or researcher, a machinima fan, or interested in studying the economics, activities, and actions inside the Net’s most popular metaverses- this is your stop.

Want to stop in for a taste of Second Life without having to go through piles of non relevant Second Life (Linden Labs) video clips?

Are you interested in other metaverses and avatar based realities like IMVU,, etc to get a comparison view? We have a huge selection here!

You can also, and are encouraged to, participate too by using the Magnify technology to turn the power of your peers into a critical mass and raise fandom and awareness of Second Life and other metaverses to new heights. Join and be a part of the video and alternate reality revolution!

Your participation can make web video matter…you make Second Life videos matter! Jump right in set up a free account and review what you find interesting- or not so interesting. You can review, rate by using the Magnify sliders, add relevant tags so others can find information or grab a widget to place on your site.

No experience needed, just give the world of these new worlds your opinion!

The Best Aerial Cam Reviews of the Year

  • Aerial cam reviews to check out for 2016
  • A collection of aerial cam to buy and use via
  • Highlighting the pros and cons of an aerial cam

If you’re on the hunt of the best reviews on aerial cams for 2016, then you need to check out Cameradojo’s list of aerial cam reviews. In it, you will have the best and most comprehensive reviews on aerial cams (complete with its price list, too).


Cameradojo’s best aerial cam reviews of 2016 is different from the rest of those reviews online. These are the types of reviews that recalls even the history of a particular drone, so you will be able to monitor its progress and development. This is the one aspect in Cameradojo’s reviews that has been taken for granted by other photography sites.

Another thing to consider with regards to Cameradojo’s best aerial cam reviews of 2016 is its way of presenting two sides of every item, the pros and cons of that desired aerial cam of yours. Most photography sites that review gadgets are wary about presenting the cons, the downsides of a gadget, for fear that customers would not buy into it. But presenting the downside of a gadget is not about discouraging clients, really, it is about showing integrity over the said transaction. Cameradojo, in effect, is not short-changing its customers with their reviews.

These are the qualities that these Cameradojo’s best aerial cam reviews of 2016 have. The year saw the rise of drones and quadcopters in the market, and what better way to examine these gadgets even further than with

Besides, reading these reviews allows you to choose which among these aerial cameras are perfect presents for a photographer. It will definitely put some smiles on a photographer’s face as soon as he receives these types of drones these reviews have discussed and highlighted.  A perfect gift for all types of photographers.

So it’s good that you’ve considered these reviews when buying your favorite aerial camera, but you can increase the level of your photography if you take a shot at these iherb products. An iherb coupon code, for instance, goes a long way in terms of developing your support system in dealing with the rigors of photography.

The list is out now. These Cameradojo’s best aerial cam reviews of 2016 come with tips, ideas and suggestions from well meaning photography critics and practitioners. So you can expect quality written all over it, even as it will pave the way for you to create stunning and beautiful images for a very long time.

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Presets: Lightroom and Landscapes

  • Using lightroom presets to enhance your landscape scenes
  • Getting the right tools when editing your outdoor photos
  • Great landscape photos, courtesy of the enhancements that these presets are offering

Landscape photography can be complex at times. If you are not using these sophisticated tools you can get online, chances are, you won’t be able to go far in this genre. Fortunately enough, we have these lightroom presets on the web.


You certainly need these landscape lightroom presets with you. Outdoors photos would do well if you have these tools the moment you make some adjustments on them. It is not that easy to edit landscape photos, though, you might damage some of the elements in there if you’re not careful enough, and produce an image that doesn’t even perk up the interest of your viewers.

So from the time you have taken that outdoor picture, download these landscape lightroom presets immediately. It’ll make your editing so easy and so smooth, it is as if you’re just playing with it, but, nonetheless, creating outdoors scenes that puts a smile on your viewers or clients’ faces.

Now, there are a whole lot of landscape lightroom presets you can get online. And these presets do have their specific effects, from black and white to vintage to fashion to infrared or Polaroid, every conceivable effect you can think of, you can have it with these presets.

There’s that sense of dynamism in these presets. You’re not just developing photos, per se; you’re actually creating masterpieces, great landscape photography that only experts are capable of doing producing.

So download these tools now, experiment with it, and create that effect that is uniquely yours. What more can you ask for with these landscape lightroom presets? They are your secret weapon when dealing with landscape scenes and images.

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On Adding Presets to Lightroom  

  • Easy, simple steps of adding presets to Lightroom
  • Accessible presets you can get online every time you edit photos
  • Quick installation of presets for Lightroom

Ever since Lightroom became a part of modern photography, many are already asking how to use them, let alone add these presets for Lightroom.

How to add action camera presets to Lightroom is quite easy. Following these simple steps will tell you that it doesn’t take much sweat to have these presets with you, and for you to use them immediately after setting it up.


Here the steps for you on how to add presets to Lightroom.

  • First, you need to go into Lightroom, then click Edit, located at the top (File) of your PC or Lightroom; Preferences for Mac.
  • If you’re into Mac, go directly to Preference and click on it.
  • A new screen will then appear, with six tabs, but click only Presets.
  • After doing such, you can now click on the title box, through Show Lightroom Presets Folder.
  • Then double click on Lightroom.
  • Double click on Develop Presets Folder.
  • Then you copy the contents (usually found in the download) into Develop Presets and then you’re done. But you need to close your Lightroom if it’s open and restart it.

These are just simple steps on how to add presets to Lightroom. Never mind if you’re still slow at incorporating them into Lightroom, but when you get the hang of it, you will soon find that it is the right choice for you to enhance your photos.

So what are you waiting for, get that preset now and teach others how to add presets to Lightroom. Spread the wealth, so to speak, through the art of installing these presets.

Just follow those simple steps or better still watch Lightroom’s video tutorials so you can experiment more with your favorite Lightroom preset.

Now that you know at least how to add presets to Lightroom, time now to post them online and marvel at the reception of its viewers.

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Boost Your Portrait Photography Career With These Tips

  • Defining Portrait Photography.
  • Only skilled photographers can do it better than anyone else.
  • Professional photographers have their own techniques in capturing the perfect portrait shot.

Generally, anyone who owns a camera can make a good portrait. However, only skilled photographers can do it better than anyone else. Professional photographers have their own styles and techniques in capturing the perfect portrait shot. In this article, we will give you a brief insight about portrait photography. In addition, we will give you helpful tips for better portrait result.


Why is it called a PORTRAIT?

As defined by Wikipedia, “A portrait is a painting, photograph, sculpture, or other artistic representation of a person, in which the face and its expression is predominant. The intent is to display the likeness, personality, and even the mood of the person.” It is also defined as a complete representation of a person’s emotion. In photography, portrait is assumed to be a high-quality image that captures a person as a whole (physically and emotionally) on a camera.

According to professional photographers, a good portrait shot contains elements that exposes a person or a certain subject’s unique character or gestures. But the question is, how do you make a perfect portrait image? Read these tips below:

Use Relevant Image Processing Tools

Portraits can be taken by a camera, however, in order for it to look perfect and stunning,you need to process it in an editing tool like Lightroom. Create more wonderful Lightroom presets for portraits and apply it to your portrait images.

Always Consider the Background

Surprisingly, considering the quality of the background is important to a portrait image. Again, the whole concept is to expose the subject’s unique persona and you can only achieve it when you have a perfect background. However, the more simple the background, the better for your portrait shots.

Pose and Angles

In order to have a perfect portrait shot, you should always prepare a signature pose and angles of the subject. Ask the model to express his or herself by making unique and lively postures.

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Photo Editing Made Easy with Lightroom  

  • Photo editing that is quite easy for beginners
  • Editing the main components (hue, saturation, luminosity) of your photo
  • Downloaded presets and brushes for your photo editing

If in case you are in need of editing when it comes to your photos, Lightroom has all the tools for it. Lightroom photo editing is not your typical photo enhancing solution where you can only do surface editing. With Lightroom, however, you can enhance even the minute details of your photo image.

Lightroom photo editing allows you to make adjustments with the main components of your photo, namely, color, saturation and luminosity of your photo. Lightroom enables you also to increase or improve the tonal quality, the range, and even the contrast of your photo.


It also has a set of free presets and brushes for you to accentuate the transformation of your photos. More than 100 free presets are available online, plus a diversified collection of brushes. Needless to say, Lightroom photo editing covers all your photo editing needs.

You can either get these presets free or pay for it. It comes in bundles, so you can choose from a collection of presets that cover every possible event, from wedding to parties; every possible image, from portraits to landscapes.

It also offers a unique workflow for you to make specific adjustments that is uniquely you; that bespeaks the kind of personality you have.

  • Color improvement – Photos that have flat or bland colors do not generate a liking online, with Lightroom photo editing though, you have lots of tools for you to improve your color photo.
  • Saturation with sense – It pays to present photos that distributed properly as far as saturation goes, and you can only do that with Lightroom.
  • Loaded with luminosity – Posting vibrant photos online is only possible if you can bring out that luminosity in your photo that only a Lightroom photo editing can do.

As soon as you have downloaded Lightroom into your PC or Mac, there is a corresponding tutorial for it, so you will be guided on how to use these presets and brushes on your photo.

So if you want to create quality pictures from now on, start using Lightroom today. Your pictures will never be the same again with Lightroom with its editing features.

This Lightroom photo editing is so easy even for beginners, but the effects it can create are far from being an output of a beginner, the kind of photos that professional photographers produce.

Don’t waste time now and get that Lightroom photo-editing tool that is perfect for you.

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Take Advantage Of Lightroom Presets – Read These 3 Useful Tips

Basically, I have been obsessed and addicted with Adobe Lightroom presets. I often use bundles of presets to most of my personal and work-related photos. What I like about Lightroom presets is that it gives me more time to relax while modifying my images. With the one click rule application of presets, I can do other things such as upgrading my camera’s accessories and taking several outdoor pictures. By using these set of presets, I can spare myself from editing images one by one and manually. In addition, I only get to make minor adjustment to suit the theme and style of my subjects. So in this article, I will share some of the most useful tips to help you create more effective and high quality Lightroom presets that can be applied to your thousands of images stored in Lightroom’s interface.


Tip # 1 – Familiarize the basic functions and adjustments in creating presets

I’ve come to realize that when you use presets more often, it becomes more efficient and useful to your images. Moreover, you’ll be able to familiarize all the main keys in creating presets easily. Adobe Lightroom is a simplified version of Photoshop and it contains more exciting features and services.

Tip # 2 – Create your own customized Lightroom presets

Once you’ve familiarized the entire process of creating a preset, you can try out making your own collection of presets. You can either make BW presets and brushes or other interesting styles that will compliment your images.

Here’s a video on how to install Lightroom presets on Mac and PC:

Tip # 3 – Make a new folder for your collections of presets

Eventually, you will be able to know that there are presets that are good and bad. To make things easier, you have to make a new folder for the best presets that you can use for your images.

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Should You Choose Adobe Lightroom Over Photoshop?

LR22Do you ask yourself if Adobe Lightroom is the best photo editing program? Or do you still consider Adobe Photoshop as the best editing tool? Choosing which one to choose will surely confuse your mind. So, in this article, we will try to differentiate the features of the two editing program.

Adobe Photoshop has been in the market for almost a decade and I believe its features will never fade. It gives us photographers the will to explore our creativity in editing images manually. Every time the company releases new versions of it,  I knew that it will be helpful. However, the only disadvantage of Photoshop is that it requires a lot of time, and when I say a lot it means it will take a week or even a month to finish an editing project.

Most clients want to view their editing images in a snap since they also want to share it with their family and friends. But for my part, editing images in photoshop will need a lot of time as its not easy to make beautiful images. Check the site of infoparrot to know more about how to install a lightroom preset.

In 2007, Adobe decided to create a new program that will help photographers fasten their workload. They released the first beta version of Lightroom. At first, the program contains a lot of bugs that needs to be fixed. But in all fairness, the company managed to fix it in no time. I’ve been using Lightroom for four years now, and I can truly say that it helped me a lot, it changed my life for the better and It made my clients happy more than ever. (See more free photoshop presets at

As Lightroom being a non-destructive editing program, I don’t need to worry about destroying original files. To answer the question above, “should you choose adobe lightroom over photoshop?” my answer is yes. But of course it will always depend on your preference. If you want to finish a project immediately, I recommend that you use Lightroom. But if you want to explore your skills in editing, then use Photoshop.

Here’s a look at how to install Lightroom presets from Sleeklens.

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What Is DreamHost?  

dhThere are a lot of web hosting companies that offers different features and services. But there are only few who offers great domain name services, one of it is Dreamhost. The company started in 1996, founded by four college friends namely Sage Weil, Michael Rodriguez, Dallas Bethune and Josh Jones.

These four young men did not finish college, but because of their sincere love in technology, they decided to start up their own hosting business. One of things that they want to achieve is to provide the best hosting services to their clients.

Today, they are running over 2 million websites and applications all over the world. Dreamhost also offers other services such as web designing, content creating and web developing services. Again, they are very proud to announce that they are conquering and hosting millions of sites worldwide. They are one step away in reaching their goal and that is to be part of the top most wanted hosting provider in the hosting industry.

Company’s Achievements

Over the last few years, the company is consistent in receiving plaque of appreciation and awards. This goes to show that the company is really doing their best to satisfy the hosting needs of their clients.

Here are some of the company’s greatest awards:

2005 – awarded as the 7th Fastest Growing Company

2006 – awarded as the 7th Best Web Hosting Company

From 2011 until present – awarded as the best and affordable web hosting company.

The services of dreamhost is definitely perfect for people who need the best hosting support in their blog sites and business owned sites. The company is competent enough to provide reliable uptime speed, fast service and affordable plans. Moreover, the company offers a lot of dreamhost coupons to help you save money while enjoying the service. For more information about coupons, watch the video below:


In general, Dreamhost is one of the most reliable and consistent hosting companies in the market. They are always consistent with their claims that they want to give the best hosting solutions to all the needs of their clients.


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Benefits of Siteground


Siteground is a popular hosting company which offers full-featured web services to all of their clients worldwide. It also offers very affordable and competitive package price for most of their hosting services such as shared hosting, dedicated servers, virtual private servers and cloud hosting. In addition to all their basic services and features, siteground also offers package for Magento, Joomla and WordPress with built in tutorials included. For more information, watch the video below:

The company appears to provide a very modernly hosting approach to their users which make it popular. Because of its popularity in terms of providing great hosting services, siteground continues to improve and enhance their services to avoid downtimes and errors. They want to keep and maintain their goal to deliver the best and quality hosting to their customers.

Consumers have the option to subscribe to any of their plans with an uptime guarantee of 99.9 percent and customer service support that is available 24/7 to assist you in your hosting concerns. Basically, siteground has the most affordable and realistic pricing for as low as $3.95 a month for shared hosting plans with 10 gigabyt of storage and free domains. The company also offers a lot of siteground discount and promo code online to let you experience their hosting services in a discounted price.

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My Brief Digital Ocean Review

1Generally, there were already hundreds of Digital Ocean reviews available online. Most of these reviews have similar views such as debating about features and services. Those details are still significant for consumers who are still searching for the best web hosting service.

In this review, we will not only talk about their features and services. We will also talk about other significant things such as their popular service and dedicated products.

That’s also the main reason why I decided to write a thorough review about them. I want to help those individuals who want to have the best hosting experience. It is still best to read feedbacks from an existing Digital Ocean client.

Quick Overview about Digital Ocean Hosting Company

Digital Ocean was founded by by Ben and Moisey Uretsky and after a while Jeff Carr, Mitch Wainer joined the team. Their goal is to deliver the best web hosting services to their clients. Since then, they are known to be the world’s largest hosting providers.

General Service

Four years ago, Digital Ocean, along with other developing web hosting companies, introduced a new hosting feature to all of their customers, that service is called: “SSD-Only Cloud”

According to them, “we have have created the fastest and most convenient cloud technology to help you easily and more efficiently manage your infrastructure so you can get back to coding. We provide all of our users with high-performance SSD Hard Drives, a flexible API, and the ability to select the nearest data center location.”

55 Second Provisioning

Their cloud servers are provisioned in as fast as 55 seconds. The client’s website is always online and bleeping fast.

SSD Hard Drives

SSD hard drives will improve the performance of their client’s website intensely.

Tier-1 Bandwidth

All servers come with 1 GB per second network interface.

KVM Virtualization

Their KVM virtualized droplets are intended to address a very high level of protection and performance.

Simple Control Panel

It focuses on usability, reshuffling the difficulties of traditional web-hosting.


Digital Ocean is still new to the web hosting industry. However, they already proved that they are worthy to be part of the leading web hosting providers.  If you really want to know more about Digital Ocean hosting, you can just visit their website directly. But if you want to avail their huge discounts on their web hosting services, you need to find the best digital promo codes 2015.

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My Arvixe Review

Arvixe provides a slew of hosting options, each with option subsets addons. Here are my simple Arvixe review.

Things I Like About Arvixe Hosting:

Proven Business Record – Arvixe is an extremely popular hosting provider with proven durability it’s been running a business for over a decade with an optimistic future in front of it.

Upgarding Options – The organization offers several hosting options for everyone nearly any organization’s needs. In the shared, VPS, and dedicated service levels, it offers both Linux and Windows hosting.

Valuable Addons – Arvixe is CloudFlare CDN and RVSiteBuilder ready, making developing a website easy, for beginners. All personal, business, and merchant class sites include RVSiteBuilder at no additional charge. CloudFlare comes at an inexpensive and speeds up website performance. images (4)

Generous in CPU energy allocation – The limitless hosting isn’t truly limitless. But nevertheless, I observed that Arvixe has been very generous in term of server energy usage. The web host allow usage as much as 700 CPU seconds, 2000MB of RAM, and 500 physical processes – that we think is pretty good whatsoever for any $4/mo web host.

60 -day full money-back guarantee – Arvixe backs up its service having a 60-day full money-back guarantee this really is over the industry standard 30-day guarantee.

The Not-so-Good

The private class shared hosting choice is a little more costly than several Arvixe rivals (as possible only add 6 domain names in a single account).

The limitless hosting isn’t truly limitless it’s only limitless before you overuse the Arvixe CPU (the norm for those limitless hosting services, find out more).

My takeaway is the fact that Arvixe is really a quality, excellent web host, but likely not the very best pick for organizations or people searching for an ultra-cheap hosting solution. There’s quite past consumer complaints concerning the server reliability, although searching in the company’s fast growth, we all do wonder if individuals complaints are due to rushed servers. To know more about Arvixe, visit this Arvixe review.

Bluehost Short Review

In comparison with other Bluehost evaluations of 2015, we discovered that many people were pleased with their service. Those who lamented had issues with their WordPress sites or found the cPanel hard to get around.

We realized that they do provide a number of offers to fulfill any need and merely about any finances. Their selection is unequaled by other companies, nevertheless, for the typical user those extra plan choices are useless. The majority of users don’t require 5 dedicated WordPress sites, dedicated hosting, or vps. Even so, for professional bloggers and also businesses- these plans works good. bluehost-review

Given that WordPress is among the most widely used platforms available, it’s good to understand that all their hosting strategies have built-in assistance, even if it is more challenging than a one-click set up. They are doing offer a guide regarding how to move your website to their internet hosting service.

The Bluehost promotion can help save some costs on any support. Keep in mind, the low cost functions in a different way for various plans. A few only get a price reduction on the initial month, while some obtain a discount for the entire service.

Additionally, the billing demands you to spend on the selected service length upfront. They are doing offer a money-back-guarantee, and that means you can terminate at any time, without having cause, and the most the terms money will be paid back.

Bluehost may not be the simplest host to work together with. There are lots you need to do by yourself. Having said that, if this isn’t your first web site, then Bluehost may be worth a try. The internet offers Bluehost hosting reviews to give you a clear understanding about their services and performance.

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Five Years Of Changes In The Web Hosting Industry Revealed

Did you know that the web hosting industry has gone through a significant upheaval in regard to the way that it does business on the web? For those that were not tech savvy, it was virtually impossible just a few years ago to find your way around on a web host. Times have changed significantly, making it possible for these businesses to provide a much easier to use service than ever before. All you have to do is sign up, and using the tutorials that they have, you will be able to get up and running in just a few hours. Here are the most significant changes that have happened in just five years in the web hosting industry as we know it today.

Wider Varieties Of Packages

There are quite a few changes that have happened with web hosting packages, especially recently, due to requests that have been made by people that are becoming involved with Internet marketing. For instance, you are able to get a significant amount of bandwidth and storage space, and even coupons for things like Google advertising, just for signing up. The packages that are offered have a variety of different names, each offering a progressive amount of increasing bandwidth and storage space. You also have access to things like WHM, especially when you get into the VPS range, a very popular choice with people that like to have dedicated servers but do not like the expensive price.

Simplicity And Technology in hosting

As you would expect, it is becoming more simple than ever before to have a website up and running within an hour using the simple web hosting solutions that are available. In fact, some of the domain registrars such as Go Daddy are actually offering hosting services which complement the domain that you have just purchased, even providing you with a website creation tool. This is what is meant by simplicity and technology, both integrating together, making it possible for a person who has never had a website before to start one right away. And due to the low prices that are charged for the different packages that are offered, it is possible to generate quite a bit of money with your website, getting it indexed online, all as a result of utilizing the indexing services that are offered by web hosting companies such as Asmall Orange coupons today.

Getting Your Site Noticed

Another thing that web hosting companies are doing that they never used to do is they are allowing people to use their services to index their website. Of course, you will have to choose a domain that is easy to rank, use unique content on your website, and do some online and off-line SEO either yourself or using a search engine optimization company, but these little packages can really get the ball rolling. This could be anything from a press release service that they offer to submitting articles to generate backlinks on the web. They are always looking out for newbies, making sure that they have the best chance possible to succeed with their website, which will ensure that their customers stay loyal paying the monthly fee.

Once you have taken a look at the different types of servers that are available, and the packages that are offered, you will notice that they are designed more than ever before for individuals that have no experience on the web. If you were to take a snapshot of what was available five years ago, you would definitely notice these important changes. Go ahead and do some price comparison shopping, find a web host that will accommodate you and your needs, and get started on the web today.

Things You Should Know About WordPress

WordPress is usually associated with blogs. Blog is a short form for the word weblog. A blog is a frequently updated online personal journal or diary created for the main purpose of sharing thoughts and passion. With that said, a blog is a website updated almost every day. Today, blogs are written not only as a daily journal but as well as about far more interesting topics – travel, food, and fashion. Every day, bloggers (people who blog) – with technical know-how or not – write blogs; they share their private lives to the public — millions of people in the internet. Many people like to share the details of their days – what they ate for lunch, birthday gifts, Starbucks date, etc. On the other hand, there are bloggers who write instead about a hobby or interest of theirs.

Since anyone can write blogs, amazing sites were created to cater these willing people to have their own blog. One good example is the WordPress.

wordpressWordPress is super-flexible for anyone whether you’re a blogger who is a photographer who wants to show their portfolio, a chef showcasing dishes, etc. WordPress started in 2003 with a single bit of code to enhance the typography of everyday writing and with fewer users than you can count on your fingers and toes. Since then it has grown to be the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world. WordPress is an Open Source project, which means you are free to use it for anything without paying anyone a license fee.

Moreover, there are things you should know about WordPress

The Difference between Categories and Tags
Categories are your table of contents that serves as the main directory to guide visitors to the appropriate “department” to find the information they seek while Tags are your index words that collects all the references to specific topics and usages of the word in a tag page.

Difference between a Page and Post
Pages contents you need frequently that    doesn’t change. Posts are timely as these are contents that consist of news, updates, general information,etc.

How to Link
You are required to have a title attribute in your HTML links. WordPress offers this when adding a link from either editor. The title attribute is supposed to be a descriptive sentence that instructs the user about what the destination is for the link.

The difference between image types
image file typesThe JPG format is perfect for photography, allowing file size optimization while the PNG format is ideal for all other images that don’t require the depth and clarity.

Use Headings in Posts and Pages
Headings are those <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, etc. HTML tags used in your Theme     for the blog title, tagline, post titles, and sidebar titles.

Kitchen Sink
It is the last button on the Visual Editor’s toolbar. Click it to open up another row of tools you     can use to style and organize your content within your post.
These are basically the things you need to know as you start blogging using WordPress.